Project Brief


The concept of #Outcome is to show that LGBT people can grow up, come out & still be the same person they’ve always been and that they can still be what they’ve always wanted to be! There’s a rich and varied life out there for LGBT people, they just have to make their own way in the world like everyone else! #Outcome is a great way of showing that there’s a myriad of opportunities out there for everyone – so dare to dream big!

#Outcome will include photographs of people from the LGBT community which incorporates an aspect of their daily lives – this could be anything from what they do for a living (such as a police officer in their uniform) to something they simply enjoy doing (like a dancer in a pose). Further to this, and indeed what I consider to be the corner stone of #Outcome, each model will be holding a photograph of their younger selves to help illustrate their journey from the child they were to the adult they’ve become.

I think the title ‘#Outcome’ represents the concept perfectly!

I would also like to take this opportunity to stress that I’m not attempting to sugar-coat the coming out process – which I know can be unnecessarily rough or mercifully smooth (like my own)! Instead I want to give people a sense of hope that, although times may seem hard & you may feel isolated, there are countless people in the LGBT community that have stood where you’re standing and are here to show that there’s a future out there for the taking!

Once I have a large enough portfolio of #Outcome portraits I will hold an exhibition of the work to celebrate the diversity of the models and to spread the message into the wider public consciousness – I want #Outcome to be synonymous with, and compliment, other LGBT projects such as ‘It Gets Better’ and Stonewall’s ‘Education for All.’


If you would like to model for #Outcome then please get in touch – everyone is welcome. However, I will need a digital or scanned copy of your childhood photo prior to the shoot. The photo should clearly show your younger self &, ideally, you should be the only one in the photo.



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