Peter Twyman



Pete, from York, saw the project on Twitter and we talked about a photo. I knew of his love for yoga and thought it would make for a great photo – it did! After some stretching and different yoga positions, it turned out to be a simple but effective pose for the final portrait.

Most of the other portraits are from the waist up, so adding a full body in to the mix really helps give the project more diversity, aesthetically.

Robert Gray



Local TV personality; Robert Gray, was very keen to take part in ‘Outcome.’ As someone who is ever the professional in front of the camera – and stage – he was great when it came to having his portrait taken.

Known also for being the owner of a lovely B&B in Greenwich (with it’s own episode on ‘The Hotel Inspector’) he came equipped with his kitchen apron and frying pan he uses to make the daily breakfast in.

The childhood photo of Robert’s is a favourite of mine. From a stack of options, we opted for this one – a young Robert sitting on the lap of Coco The Clown.

Myles Dobson



A second test shoot was needed, Myles Dobson, working in the media industry, model and host at the Adonis Cabaret Show, Myles was keen to have an Outcome portrait. We had been talking about photos for a while and now was the time to get together.

Posed in his Adonis vest top Рwhich is alot more clothing than you would normally find at Adonis Cabaret!  The muscly look Adonis Cabaret is known for, shows just how much Myles has grown up since early teens.

Gregory Gaige



Model, artist and Disney employee Gregory Gaige agreed to be my test model for the very first Outcome shoot.

We had a variety of looks, sizes of the child print and spent some time with various lighting, backgrounds and framing. I had plenty of photographs to edit, whittling the list down to a few and ultimately, this one.

Gregory is currently undertaking a 365 sketchs – one a day – of Disney characters, raising money for Great Ormond Street. Take a look here: ‘Disney Sketch 365.’