Myles Dobson



A second test shoot was needed, Myles Dobson, working in the media industry, model and host at the Adonis Cabaret Show, Myles was keen to have an Outcome portrait. We had been talking about photos for a while and now was the time to get together.

Posed in his Adonis vest top – which is alot more clothing than you would normally find at Adonis Cabaret!  The muscly look Adonis Cabaret is known for, shows just how much Myles has grown up since early teens.

Gregory Gaige



Model, artist and Disney employee Gregory Gaige agreed to be my test model for the very first Outcome shoot.

We had a variety of looks, sizes of the child print and spent some time with various lighting, backgrounds and framing. I had plenty of photographs to edit, whittling the list down to a few and ultimately, this one.

Gregory is currently undertaking a 365 sketchs – one a day – of Disney characters, raising money for Great Ormond Street. Take a look here: ‘Disney Sketch 365.’

Project Brief


The concept of #Outcome is to show that LGBT people can grow up, come out & still be the same person they’ve always been and that they can still be what they’ve always wanted to be! There’s a rich and varied life out there for LGBT people, they just have to make their own way in the world like everyone else! #Outcome is a great way of showing that there’s a myriad of opportunities out there for everyone – so dare to dream big!

#Outcome will include photographs of people from the LGBT community which incorporates an aspect of their daily lives – this could be anything from what they do for a living (such as a police officer in their uniform) to something they simply enjoy doing (like a dancer in a pose). Further to this, and indeed what I consider to be the corner stone of #Outcome, each model will be holding a photograph of their younger selves to help illustrate their journey from the child they were to the adult they’ve become.

I think the title ‘#Outcome’ represents the concept perfectly!

I would also like to take this opportunity to stress that I’m not attempting to sugar-coat the coming out process – which I know can be unnecessarily rough or mercifully smooth (like my own)! Instead I want to give people a sense of hope that, although times may seem hard & you may feel isolated, there are countless people in the LGBT community that have stood where you’re standing and are here to show that there’s a future out there for the taking!

Once I have a large enough portfolio of #Outcome portraits I will hold an exhibition of the work to celebrate the diversity of the models and to spread the message into the wider public consciousness – I want #Outcome to be synonymous with, and compliment, other LGBT projects such as ‘It Gets Better’ and Stonewall’s ‘Education for All.’


If you would like to model for #Outcome then please get in touch – everyone is welcome. However, I will need a digital or scanned copy of your childhood photo prior to the shoot. The photo should clearly show your younger self &, ideally, you should be the only one in the photo.



First Outcome shoot

The first shoot, or test-shoot, for my Outcome project was with Gregory Gaige. After a lot of photos and editing, I chose a specific look for the portraits. Recognisable as part of my project.

From a large portfolio taken of Gregory, I edited a few and chose a final photograph. Now to add to the Outcome album…

IMG_4724 with lrg